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of Bankura District

Explore the joy of getting lost in solitude feel the unspoiled nature at Bankura


Visit the Second largest earthen dam of India. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Nature.


Walkthrough Rashmancha and other terracotta temples. Experience heritage of the Malla Dynasty.


Scenic Beauty with green sal trees and various Bio-Diversity.

Susunia Hill

Witness the oldest Rock inscription of Bengal.

Biharinath Hill

Series of various hiilocks as Arracu valley of West Bengal.

Wildlife Hotspots of Bankura

You will find the wildlifes to frame in your personal gadget. But make sure you have proper guidance to the trails. Please contact us to have a local guide.

Popular Tour Packages

If all these of Bankura have made you excited and you started to envision your holiday plan already, you are at the perfect place. Be ready to make some unforgettable moments amidst the lavish green, tranquil hills, an adventure of the wilderness, living history, sacred pilgrimage, and tales of terracotta. The country of ‘Rangamati’ and ‘Shal-Palash’ may be the perfect catalyst for breaking the monotony of your mundane city life.

Bankura Tour Packages


Mukutmanipur, Jhilimili, Bishnupur, Susunia Hill

Mukutmanipur Tour Packages


Kangsabati Dam, Jhilimili Forest, Sutan, Talberia

Bishnupur Tour Packages


Bishnupur, Joypur, Joyrambati, Panchmura

Susunia Tour Packages


Susunia Hill, Biharinath hill, Gangdua, Bharatpur

The Beauty of BANKURA

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Tour Guide

Come to feel the unspoiled nature, satisfy your soul offering a marvelous outing in the lap of purity.

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