Anirban Dash

Team Lead

(+91) 9434 590659

He is from Bankura, Physics aspirant on Education, Photographer by Skill and a Nature Lover from Heart. Contact for any issues with your booking, Group Booking management, For any special tour plan in Bankura. He loves to welcome guests in his district and makes necessary arrangements for that.

Team Members


Sanjoy Pathak

Travel Co-Ordinator

(+91) 7407 407474

Partha Barat

Travel Adviser

(+91) 8016382747

Koushik Dhibar

Transport Manager

(+91) 7407407474

Koushik Dhibar

Transport Manager

(+91) 7407407474


Anirban Patra

Wildlife Tour Coordinator

(+91) 9800 652907

Tuhin Patra


(+91) 7407407474

Amit Das

Event Organiser

(+91) 8637065018

Sandipan Ruidas

Social Media Team

(+91) 7063111675