Offbeat activities of Bankura

Enjoy, Explore  the rural Bankura with its own flavour…

Camping at Mukutmanipur / Susunia Hill

We offer Camping tents to our tourists. If you want to stay with adventure in popular tourist destinations at Bankura we can help you with tenting arrangements with Sleeping bags, Tents, Foods etc. Currently we are providing this service at Susunia Hill, Mukutmanipur Dam.

Bird Watching

We offer various bird watching tours at Bankura at different times of the year. Our speciality is providing local expertise field guides to have some photogenic and biologically important species at South Bankura. You may witness Jungle Owlet, White-rumped Shyama, White-rumped munia, Black-headed monarch, Paradise Flycature, Indian Pitta, Eagle Owl and many other interesting jungle birds and various migratory water birds.

Add -On Activities


Masak Hill is situated within 2 km of Khatra. Papra Village is situated on the lap of Masak hill. Regarding the nomenclature, it is thought that a large number of mosquitoes prevailed in the bushes of masak hill, hence from 'Masa'(Mosquito) the name Masak came. To go topmost position footwalk odf 1km is necessary. From the top the whole khatra town can be seen.


Kadamdeuli dam also deserves extra attention for sure. It is a paradise for bird watchers as it is an ultimate meeting point for different types of birds in specific seasons. Unspoiled nature and gossip of birds will surely enchant you. One can find Lesser Adjutant, Eurasian Wryneck, Bluethroat, Pied Kingfisher, Purple Heron etc

Sabuj Dip

Have you ever seen an island that is wrapped with the love of striking green and the touch of blue waterbody? Come and feel the unspoiled serenity of 'Sabujdip'.You will be mesmerized to see a hillock, 'Bardi' is sitting calmly beside Sabujdip. Find the peace of your inner mind, be free from anxiety and adore the lively nature.

Bardi Pahar - Ashram

Kelati Ashram, a place of ultimate peace is located at Bardi Pahar opposite to Sabuj dip. The ashram is embracing the love of plenty of floras and faunas. Surprisingly, chirping birds don’t harm the smell of solitude here. It is a perfect place for mediation. Gain access to your greater self by spending some time in the ashram.

Mahamaya Mandir

You may visit Mahamaya temple that follows the art-culture of Southern part of India and ages almost more than 1000 years. Maa Durga is worshipped as Maa Mahamaya here and is considered to be very alive. The idol of Maa Mahamaya’ face resembles a ‘Baraha’ and the pujari performs the puja facing the back of the idol.

Simlapal Rajbari

Apart from nature, witness ancient touch of history in Simlapal Rajbari . The rajbari itself carries the vibes of mystery from underlying history. You will see two temples of Lord Shiva and Radha- Krishna inside the Rajbari. Unfold the stories behind interesting architecture, strange-looking galleries and a decaying kingdom.

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