Gokulchand Temple Joypur

The majestic temple was built by Malla-king Raghunath Singha in 1643. The temple, made of laterite stone is the largest stone made temple of Bankura District. This five pinnacled temple is 64 feet in height and owns a huge area of 23,500 square feet. The large temple complex is guarded by high walls and natmandir. By centuries of rain and wind, the architecture has been eroded heavily, but you will still find the structure attractive and mysterious. Beautiful artwork of stone is blessing the sculptures of Krishna Lila, Dasabatar and many more mythological incidents. During Dolyatra, the main idol comes into the temple for seven days to be worshipped.

Nearest Tourist Point:  Bishnupur **  Ideal times of visit:  Anytime

How to reach: From bankura you will private taxi to reach Bishnupur station/town.

Where to Stay : You can stay at Bishnupur town. Lots of hotels are there. Drop  booking query for more details. Otherwise you can stay at Banalata Resort at joypur to visit joypur temples.

Biharinath Hill

A rich casing of lively green, flowing river Damodar and unspoiled Nature are embracing the hill so affectionately that you will definitely fall in love with the trio of ‘Jal-Jungle-Pahar’. The hill changes its color with the seasons. During the season of Monsoon, it becomes green from all sides. In Spring, you will see blooming ‘Palash’ accompanying by ‘Shimul’ everywhere. You will find a small temple of Lord Shiva in the foothills. According to the worshippers, the ‘Shivalinga’, renowned as ‘Biharinath’ is very much alive. 

Nearest Tourist Point:  Susunia Hill  **  Ideal times of visit:  Feb-March & June-July & December

How to reach: From bankura you will private taxi to reach Biharinath Hill.
Where to Stay : From bankura you will private taxi to reach Biharinath Hill.

Swabuj Deep

Swabuj Deep or সবুজ দ্বীপ is an island on Kangsabati River opposite to bardi pahar. At the time of palash the valley of the river blooms red with 'Palash' and looks amazing with the blue stretched water.

Nearest Tourist Point:  Mukutmanipur  **  Ideal times of visit:  December & Feb-March

  How to reach: From bankura you will get bus towards Jhargram/Fuskusma/Silda/Raipur. Get into bus and reach Raipur Bus Stop. Then hire a private taxi to reach Swabuj deep. Usually take 300-500 to drop there.